You Don't Have To Fly To France For Fancy Skin Care Anymore

You know the feeling when you compliment someone's chic embroidered jacket only to have them purr, "thanks, it's vintage?" I mean, great for you, but I was sort of hoping you would say Zara so I could run down the street and get one, too. And the same holds true for beauty products. I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Seoul hoarding sheet masks and the body oil that you found in a tiny Parisian boutique sounds absolutely lovely — but it's not as exciting for the rest of us who can't find it at CVS.
But that's all starting to change. Those products you used to have to travel overseas for? They're arriving in the U.S. in record numbers. In fact, walk into any French drugstore and you'll notice it looks a lot like an American one these days. Check out our favorite recent international imports, ahead.

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