Decor Dare: Commit To A Brazenly Bold Couch

The thing about buying a couch is you should really be madly in love with it. It's an until-decades-do-you-part kind of purchase. Even if you shop IKEA or secondhand, your sofa's usually the priciest stick of furniture in your place. It'll be with you for a while and, like a marriage, it needs to be able to withstand a few moves, many life milestones, and the occasional cat-scratching or wine-spilling catastrophe.
So, why would you choose a blazing-orange or baby-pink model that you might regret next year? The reward is greater than the risk. Just look at this Swedish room captured by interiors photographer Jenny Brandt. Punchy, bright seating takes center stage — meaning you can take it easy with the rest of your accents. And sure, it sets the vibe of the whole space, but you can always shift the aesthetic by tweaking those background accents when you need a change. We found five funky sofas that will fill even the most empty loft with extreme personality. If you're still feeling twinges of commitment-phobia, just remember slip covers exist for a reason.

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