Desperately Need Some R&R? Try One Of These Beauty Masks On For Size

An hour prior to writing this, I went on a mission — a beauty mission that is — to discover the ultimate self-care ritual. Partly because, like many millennials, I could really use the R&R (morning commutes in NYC are no joke), and partly because I was just genuinely curious. So, I meandered the R29 office and asked my colleagues the following question: What's your most indulgent beauty treatment? Nine times out of 10, their immediate answer was some sort of mask. Considering my idea of a turnt Saturday night is drawing myself an essential-oil-infused bath and sporting a cooling sheet mask, this felt like a very promising lead.
Time for my follow-up question — a simple yet effective one: But give me deets... what mask specifically? If you're as curious about their answers as I was, read on for a few of their faves — from a clarifying SheaMoisture mud mask one editor uses for a major pore refresh to a hair treatment one designer swears is like a green juice for your hair. Get ready for some buys that'll give you next-level chill.
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"Whenever my hair begins to resemble a triangle or mushroom, I replace my conditioner with this mask, which smells of orchids and butter and has the consistency of softened margarine to match. A conservative scoop applied from mid-lengths to ends and a few minutes of setting time, and everything goes back to laying as my stylist intended it to. Under especially dire/puffy circumstances, however, I will leave the warmth of the shower, distribute the product evenly with a wide-tooth comb, and allow it to absorb for a full quarter of an episode. The result is always smoother, more nourished, and decidedly un-nightshade-like." —Chelsea Peng, fashion editor, branded content

Leonor Greyl Masque Orchidee, $65.00, available at Leonor Greyl.
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"I have to admit, it’s usually not until my skin is noticeably dull and congested that I remember how much I need facial masks in my life. My go-to for a serious refresh — detoxing, exfoliating, and rebalancing all at once? A clarifying mud mask, like this African Black Soap option from SheaMoisture. It leaves me — not just my skin — feeling bright and renewed." —Cate Seiser, senior content editor
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"Sometimes plain ol' conditioner doesn’t cut it. So, when my hair is feeling parched, I’ll spring for Allyoos Juice Drench — aka, practically a green juice for your hair because of its vitamin-rich formula. It’s a 'just about any time' kind of gentle mask that works to soften and hydrate my hair. Whether I'm out running errands or at home binge-watching TV, it’s the perfect lightweight treatment that's gentle enough to leave on for 15 minutes — or the entire day if I so desire." —Seeta Kanhai, brand designer

Allyoos Juice Drench, $30.00, available at Allyoos.
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"I am one of those people whose eyes get noticeably puffier the longer I'm on a flight. So, whenever I know I'm going to be in the air for a while, I'll pop these little eye gels on at takeoff. They reduce puffiness and brighten up my dark circles, leaving my skin with an (almost) rested glow. Plus, they're clear, so they're barely noticeable and won't freak out my seatmate." —Moriah Rapaport, client services manager

Honest Hazel Eye Gels, $12.00, available at Aillea.
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"Since I'm forever dehydrated — it's a curse, really — I love a face mask that moisturizes and multitasks. This gentle gel really gets the job done and rejuvenates my sometimes stressed-out skin — leaving me with a super-satisfying cooling feel." —Haley Hoover, client services associate director

Grown Alchemist Age Repair Gel Masque, $79.00, available at Grown Alchemist.
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"When I get too busy, unfortunately, my hair often suffers the brunt of the neglect. And since I’m natural, this means my hair can get exceptionally dry. To rehydrate my coils, I’ll incorporate a deep-treatment mask to infuse some life back in. This one by Briogeo — thankfully silicone, paraben, and sulfate free — softens my curls and leaves them feeling hydrated. For an added boost, I’ll generously apply the mask, twisting my hair into sections, and then cover my hair with a plastic cap for an overnight deep-conditioning treatment. Come morning, my curls are defined and easy to detangle." —Carolyn Negri, client services manager

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask, $36.00, available at Briogeo.
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"I love this brightening face mask because it actually does give me instant results. It comes in a soft powder form that’s only activated when mixed with water, so you know the ingredients are working to their top efficacy. My skin always looks super glowy after I use it. Imagine how your skin looks bathed in that soft, diffused natural lighting when facing a window but, like, all the time." —Jen Mulrow, beauty and fashion writer, branded content

Odacité Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque, $59.00, available at Odacité.

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