1 Simple Move For A Strong, Toned Back

Photographed By Erin Yamagata.
I'll admit: Sometimes I’m guilty of focusing a bit too much on my core and not enough on my back when exercising. But, just because I can't see what's going on back there, it doesn't mean I've got a free pass to ignore those muscles. In fact, Crunch Gym trainer Allison Berry says it’s just as important to work the flip side of your body — not just for looks, but for better health. One of your best weapons against poor posture is strengthening your back muscles.
To sculpt strong, lean upper- and middle-back muscles, look no further than the seated cable-row machine. Scroll through for a quick demo of Berry performing the exercise, so you can nail it the next time you're at the gym — and you, too, can bring sexy back.

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