10 Female Singers From The ’90s Who Taught Us How To Be Angry

Rewind to the '90s for a moment. You're in your room blasting "angry girl" music. And you know what? It's glorious!
Add this to the list of things that made the '90s so great: All a woman needed was her guitar and a voice, and she could give us hell. And we could soak it all in from the safe confines of our flower-wallpapered bedrooms.
The '90s was a decade filled with fiercely talented female singers who were all completely unafraid of expressing their fury and angst. Their music was grounded in raw emotions. And they used every song to call out the bullshit they faced from ex-lovers, shitty boyfriends, and the patriarchy.
From Alanis to Tracy to Melissa, a long list of amazing women were using their voices to lay bare their soul and grind out their indignation.
We gathered together some of our favorite female singers from the decade, who taught us all about rage.

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