5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 26 2012

Here at R29, we're all about our yogis — stretching it out just seems to bring peace and wellness to anyone who gives it a whirl. Now, you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand (or dollar) to Bent On Learning, an NYC nonprofit that brings yoga to underprivileged schools around the city. The org is holding a gala this Tuesday featuring tunes, drinks, and, of course, yogis. (Bent On Learning)
We know you're always lusting after that It bag, but have you ever thought about designing one? This workshop at LIM draws from industry leaders like the CEO of Rebecca Minkoff to teach you the art of arm candy. (Handbag Designer 101)
The presidential election is slowly creeping up on us, and to commemorate, the Joy Wai Gallery will be holding an exhibition on November 5 entitled A Portrait of America. The works chronicle the ups and downs (but mostly ups!) of the infamous 2008 election. (Joy Wai Gallery)
Just in time for chilly weather, K-Way is bringing its signature anorak stateside, with a store launching in Soho. The cozy jacket doubles as a raincoat and a windbreaker, so you'll never be, ahem, left out in the cold. (K-Way)
Vogue is celebrating its milestone 120th birthday this year, and the team will honor the occasion with yet another legendary documentary. In Vogue: The Editor's Eye will feature interviews with all kinds of designers, as well as, you know, editors. (Vogue)

Photo: Via Vogue