Beauty “Truths” We Now Know Are BS

You’re a smart woman, so chances are you know a lot of beauty truths. For one, sunscreen is the best way to prevent signs of aging. And, eating chocolate? It doesn't cause acne. Most of us grew up learning certain facts about beauty, and they’ve carried us well into an adulthood of clear skin and lustrous hair. (Or, at least, something very close to it...hey, nobody’s perfect.)
While certain beauty basics are infallible, some of the conventional wisdom around beauty just doesn’t hold up. At all. So, we’re setting the record straight on some misconceptions about hair, makeup, and skin. Does drinking water actually hydrate your skin? Are natural ingredients less irritating? And, should you think about using fillers if you were born after 1990? The answers may surprise you.
Read on to discover 12 beauty “truths” we now know are bunk — and the facts you actually need to know. Because, as a poet once said: Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

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