Our Beauty Editor’s Summer Must-Haves


1. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation
"I like wearing foundation to even out my skin and hide imperfections, but I hate that heavy feeling it can sometimes give me. This new mattifying option solves my issues with a liquid-powder formula that soaks up shine and leaves my skin silky soft, not cakey or dried-out. It's oil-free and water-resistant, so it's particularly great for those sticky days when everything feels like it's melting off your face."
$55, available at Barneys

2. Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment
"Being an East Coast girl all of my life, I've never had the pleasure of experiencing one of Kate Somerville's skin-transforming facials. I'm told that this oxygenated treatment, the at-home equivalent to her famed DermalQuench Oxygen Facial, is the next best thing, and after seeing the results firsthand, I'm inclined to believe it. The lightweight foam instantly reduces fine lines, plumps up skin, adds an otherworldly glow to my dull complexion, and clears up my summer breakouts. If I could dip myself in a vat of this each morning, I'm pretty sure I'd get the credit for discovering the real life Fountain of Youth."
$95, available at Nordstrom


3. Almay Intense I-Color Eyeshadow Sticks in Browns
"There's just something so sexy and summery to me about a surf-and-turf eye. Almay's creamy shadow stick combines a shimmery turquoise and a sandy neutral in one handy, double-ended product. I like to use the sand shade on my lids and line my upper lash line with the turquoise. It's said to work best on brown eyes, but I think it makes my green eyes pop plenty. I also appreciate that the color doesn't slide off two minutes after I apply it — no dreaded greasy crease with this little wonder wand."
$7.99, available at Ulta

4. Lorac Lips With Benefits Lip Gloss in Mark
"This cheeky lippie is a slam dunk on all fronts: It's got a mesmerizing swirl of hues that are almost too pretty to use, smells deliciously like creme brulée, and is loaded with lip-softening vitamins. Oh, and each gloss bears the name of a former Lorac ex-flame. My favorite is Mark: a swirl of shimmering bronze and peach shades that blend together to create a sultry, nude pout."
$18, available at Lorac

Photos: Courtesy of Hourglass, Kate Somerville, Almay; Maria Valentino/MCV Photo; Courtesy of Lorac


5. Shea Terra Organics Madagascar White Clay Drawing Face Masque
"A face mask is a weekly ritual for me; one that gives me the chance to decompress and pamper myself. I love this powder treatment because it takes freshly made to a whole new extreme — you mix the powder with a few drops of water to create the mask each time you use it. The white clay literally draws toxins out of your skin, helping to clear up congestion and stop summer breakouts and blackheads before they can start."

$24, available at Shea Terra Organics


6. Sephora Collection Nail Lacquer in Myrtille
"I'm not usually one for dark blue nail lacquer (it tends to make my pale hands look a little frostbitten) but this pretty polish pulls off the not-so-easy feat of looking summery against even my ghost-like complexion. It makes me think of a hidden lagoon on a remote island, so every time I look at my nails, I can't help but think of an exotic vacation."
$4, available at Sephora

7. Oribe Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray
"I may have fine hair, but I have a whole lot of it, and the minute humidity rears its ugly head, my hair swells up into the follicular equivalent of a mushroom — big, bulbous, and thoroughly unmanageable. But after a few spritzes of this miraculous mist on my dry hair, the swampy air is a non-issue. It shields my strands from excess moisture, so they stay sleek, shiny, and protected from UV damage."
$38, available at Oribe

8. Nest Fragrances Beach Candle
"In my dream world, I own a lovely beach-front cottage outfitted in shabby-chic design elements that i escape to every weekend when the city becomes too much for me. In the real world, I live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn with a backyard roughly the size of a bathtub. But, just because I don't own a cabin on the sand, that doesn't mean I can't lay claim to that beachy aesthetic. The sea urchin-inspired porcelain jar of this candle brings instant by-the-shore style to my city abode, and the coconut, melon, lotus flower, and sea water fragrance is pretty much the essence of summer captured in one lush scent."
$48, available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Photos: Courtesy of Shea Terra Organics; Via Sephora, Nordstrom; Courtesy of Nest Fragrances; Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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