OPI Gets In On The Neon Trend

Back in April, we got word that neon nail polish is actually illegal in the U.S. Weird, right? We thought so. While we never got to the bottom of where this seemingly arbitrary law came from, we couldn't help but be a little bummed that some our our favorite enamels for summer might be in short supply in upcoming months.
Well, we didn't have to worry for too long. OPI has released a limited-edition line of fabulous fluorescents as a part of a mini pack called "Outrageous Neons." And as it turns out, these FDA-approved polishes are legal (and safe!). “Outrageous Neons marks OPI’s foray into the world of neon color,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director. “In the U.S., the FDA requires that all cosmetic colorants be approved, and each batch must be certified for purity. The lacquers in this set are formulated with new, FDA-approved neon pigments for a look that’s dazzlingly vibrant.” Whew. Crisis averted.
The set includes a neon-enhancing white basecoat, a shiny topcoat and four statement-making shades: Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink, and Seriously Purple. Retailing for a cool $19.95, these hot (haute) polishes will be available at Beauty Brands in July. Better snap it up before it sells out — it'd be criminal not to.
OPI Outrageous Neons Nail Polish Mini Set, $19.95, available in July at Beauty Brands.

Photo courtesy of OPI.