Take A Shortcut To Sexy With These Smokin'-Hot Summer Lippies

Guys, this summer has been pretty rough. Raise your hand if you're totally over soaring temperatures and the sweaty, smeared makeup that comes with it. Nothing is worse than spending 15 minutes perfecting your foundation and eye makeup only to have them smear in the steamy weather. We have a better idea for getting gussied up in oppressive heat: red lipstick.
If you've never experimented to find your perfect go-to red, now is the moment! There are so many gorgeous, new formulas and shades on store shelves right now, so you're bound to find your perfect match. And the best part about finding your lipstick soul mate? Red lippy + tinted moisturizer + waterproof mascara = all you need to look hot (in a good way!) from now until Labor Day. You're welcome.

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