How To Apply Fake Lashes Without Gluing Your Fingers Together

Ever since Kim Kardashian stepped onto the scene with those long, full lashes, we’ve been itching to go the distance. But there’s no need to envy the reality star. Or splurge on lash extensions. A good pair of false eyelashes can cost you less than $15, and you can apply them yourself. No, really, you can. Just follow our how-to guide for fake lashes, compliments of Miami makeup artist Aileen Quintana. Your batting average is guaranteed to improve.
Step 1: “Fake lashes are always the last step in your makeup transformation process. Pull out your fake lashes from the case it comes in and begin to move them around, pulling and bending them slightly, so they become a bit more flexible.”
Step 2: “Next, you’ll want to measure the fake lashes up against your real lashes. Sometimes the fakes are just the right size, but most of the time you'll have to trim them a bit. (You want to be extra-careful when you measure, because you only get one shot at cutting them.)”
Step 3: “After you’ve sized your fake lashes, it’s time to add some glue. I personally like to use the pigmented Duo glue because it adds definition to the look. Pour a little bit of the glue on the back of your hand. Then, with a cut Q-tip (snip it so there’s no cotton on one end) dab some glue and spread a little on the fake lashes. In adition to the glue you just applied, add a small bead of glue to each end of the fake lashes, so it stays on better.”
Step 4: “Wait about a minute, to give the glue time to oxidize. While you're waiting, grab an eyelash curler and begin to curl your real lashes. This will give you a more natural look.”
Step 5: “Use tweezers to grab the fake lashes in the middle. Bring them up to your eyes and press the middle of the lashes to the middle of your own lash line. Once you've secured them to the middle of your lash line, press them down at each end.”
Step 6: “After you’ve let the fake lashes dry, apply mascara to the top lashes to help them blend. Et voilà! Simple, long, and full lashes!”

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