3 Beach Hacks To Copy Before Labor Day

Even though it's somehow already August, we've still got a luxurious stretch of prime beaching weather ahead of us. But if you've been struggling to elevate your seaside picnic game, R29 producer and side-hustling personal organizer, Bea Copeland, is sharing her hacks for giving your next bonfire a few 'gram-worthy twists. Catch all of her favorite summertime tricks in the video below: We'll be taking that picnic-basket-turned-table to every BBQ from now until Labor Day. After all, is there anything worse than getting sand in your rosé?
Below, find step-by-step instructions for making your own picnic table basket, DIY candlesticks, and cheeky sunhat.
The Beach Basket That's Also A Table:
Grab a pair of gloves, and stain the basket using a painter's sponge. Lightly spread the stain on all of the basket's sides, adding another coat if you're hoping for a darker shade. Wait at least 2 hours for the stain to dry.
Now it's time to do the rope handles. Find a long length of rope and a tube of craft adhesive, adding a smear of the glue to one end of the handle and start wrapping. It can also help to put extra adhesive to the top edge of the handle, just to be sure the rope sticks. When you've wrapped both handles with rope, let them sit to dry.
Voila! You’ve got yourself a basket to pack your snacks in and to use as a table when you're ready to eat.
Portable Candlesticks:
These candlesticks are a fun take on those classic tiki torches — but with an elegant upgrade. Make sure to grab candles with a wide base. You'll also need wooden dowels, a drill bit, and some string.
First, use the drill bit to hollow out an inch-deep hole in the base of your candle sticks. Next, wrap some string around the top of the dowel, leaving a little extra for alter. When you insert the dowel into the candle, the strings will add friction that will keep the candle extra secure. Once you've stuck the dowels into the candle, trim the strings.
Embroidered Sun Hat:
We've all seen those chic sun hats with cheeky sayings embroidered on them. But a new one (even one with an enviably lazy saying on it) can cost serious $$, so here's how to make one for yourself on the cheap. All you'll need is a plain straw hat, yarn, and a sewing needle.
First, trace your cheeky message with pencil on the hat's brim (we chose "BRB"). Next, using the yarn and needle, follow your pattern. Start on the underside of the hat, and sew along the pattern you sketched. Once you've reached the end of your phrase, tie off the ends of the yarn under the brim.

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