Bally's Want It, Need It, Gotta Have It Ultimate Fall Accessory

Upon receipt of Bally's latest fall/winter lookbook, we were admittedly charmed by the usual line-up of lush little boots and heels. However, moving a little further into the collection, a sweet something-something caught our eye: A brass Box necklace that made yours truly's heart practically skip a beat. Designer Brian Atwood says this divine lace-motif treasure was sparked by Bianca Jagger. But his inspiration for the fall/winter collection—which reveals a much sexier side to this classic brand—goes beyond just her. "Looking at Helmut Newton's iconic portraits of Charlotte Rampling and Bianca Jagger, I am constantly mesmerized by his ability to create luxury out of simplicity." Words to live by. And that bag-necklace-total thing of beauty? At just $660, we'll start saving our pennies now.

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