Bad Ed Hardy, Bad!

There's something so abjectly horrific about Ed Hardy that makes it completely repulsive, and yet so compelling we can't look away (Train wreck? Meet sartorial nightmare!). The sailor tattoo motifs, the flourish-y fonts, the melding of tacky '90s Chinese dragons with rhinestones, camo, and airbrushed skulls... no matter if you're from L.A., N.Y., Minneapolis, or Austin, the Christian Audigier empire has infected all four corners of the nation, and brought with it an onslaught of cargo pants, skin-tight jersey, metallic suede boots, and other horrors of horrors that we can't help but present to you, if only as a warning of the extent of the Hardy-epidemic. From a bottle of Ed-branded Merlot to an iPad cover odious enough to make you barf from your eyes, here are the most offensive Ed Hardy products we could find.

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