This App Makes Planning Bachelorette Parties Less Miserable

Photographed by Katie McCurdy.
I am already dreading my bachelorette party. Let me clarify that I am not engaged or even close to it. But I am bracing myself for the hatred I will certainly feel towards my friends whilst we plan our trip to Napa. (I've already decided it will be in Napa. Also, I love my friends and am being mostly hyperbolic.) But don't even get me started on my friends' bachelorette parties. If you're reading this, you're not getting me to pregame a Chippendales show with Jell-O shots — we are too old for that sh*t. And I shudder at the mere thought of all the group chats discussing dinner reservations, reply-all email threads about flight details, and one-off Venmo requests for booze cruises in my future.
Evidently, I am not alone in feeling this way. But thankfully there exists an app that makes the whole thing a little less stressful. Enter, Bach: a one-stop shop bachelorette party planner that syncs every aspect of the planning process together, from expenses to events to polls that help everyone agree on which bottomless brunch to attend.
To use it, one person in the group sets up an account, names the party, and invites friends via their phone's contacts. From here, you plan it all inside Bach, where you can have group chats, split costs, create a daily itinerary, order swag, and seek inspiration via in-app curated location-based activities.
You can set per-person budget limits and dress codes, as well as pose questions to the group about everyone's preferences (and you can even keep the latter anonymous if you want to avoid superfluous drama). Bach also has a checklist to keep everyone on schedule so that nothing falls to the wayside — and so that the burden doesn't just fall on the MOH. And it isn't just for bachelorette parties — bachelor parties and Bach parties for everyone can also be facilitated on the app.
TLDR: Bachelorette parties will still drain your bank account, but maybe you won't get into as many drunk fights if you use Bach, what with all the receipts being right there in an app for the whole party to see.
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