How Young Is Too Young For A Bikini?


A woman's first bikini usually involves a harrowing middle school pool party and a to-be-wooed first crush. At least for us and our friends, having the permission to show your stomach was a rite of passage, and one that happened with a degree of awareness and maturity… which brings us to the web site,
, which sells bikinis for babies. The reason we're skeeved out doesn't have anything to do with scantily clad tots, but rather with putting babies in a piece of clothing that's so fraught with sexual connotations (much like children's lingerie, which we've touched on before). There's a gross difference between a naked baby at the beach and one who's in a string bikini, and one we're a little horrified that parents wouldn't be able to discern it. Shouldn't someone who just got "my first bikini" be old enough understand what it means to wear one, or at the very least, be able to say those words?

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