Should I Get Bangs? All Signs Point To Yes

Photo: Riawna Capri.
Like her big sister, the baby bang can be intimidating. Falling well above the brows, it commands attention, which means there's a lot riding on how the haircut turns out. But ever since the shorter fringe emerged as a huge trend in Hollywood, A-list stylists have been reimagining the polarizing style and crafting a somewhat softer statement fringe for the who's who of New York and L.A.
We chatted with celebrity stylists to find out exactly how they're making baby bangs wearable for everyone. Ahead, your summer bangs inspiration, plus the experts' advice on how to style them across textures.
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Courtesy of Jen Atkin
When Jen Atkin styled French-girl fringe on Bella Hadid, it sparked the micro bang trend in Hollywood. The best part? You don't have to take scissors to your actual hair to get in on the look. "The best thing to do for girls that don’t want to fully commit to cutting bangs is to buy them and have your stylist cut them to fit your face," Atkin says. "Once that’s done, you can apply them yourself on any day you want to switch it up and rock your little fringe."
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Courtesy of Takisha Sturdivant
Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew says that she often keeps bangs longer on the sides to better frame the face. "These baby bangs are much shorter in the forehead area and longer around her ears," she explains, adding that styling long hair in a topknot makes short bangs look chic and modern.
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Courtesy of Riawna Capri
When it comes to styling, Riawna Capri, co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, recommends working a de-frizzing product through bangs while they're still wet to reduce flyaways. "For for fine to medium texture hair, start with a lightweight leave-in conditioner, and for coarser hair, start with a blowout balm," Capri recommends, adding that she likes to use a paddle brush and a blowdryer to work out any kinks. "Blow dry the bangs with a small flat brush in a forward, and side to side motion," she says. "This will work out any cowlicks in the bang, and also allow the hair to fall naturally."
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But you don't have to blow dry them straight; curly-haired girls can make a baby bang work with their natural texture, and the styling couldn't be easier. "Whatever you typically do to your curly hair, you should take the same exact approach to your bangs," says Teddi Cranford, lead stylist at NYC's White Rose Collective. "I recommend adding a little bit of super light oil, like Apothecare Essentials The Mender Oil, to keep the curls intact," says Cranford, who is an ambassador for the brand.
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Courtesy of Howard McLaren
Hairstylist Howard McLaren, who is the co-founder and creative director of R+Co, says that the secret to effortless baby bangs is in the cutting style. Instead of a straight-across blunt cut, he prefers to make them choppy and less precise to better blend with your natural texture.
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Cranford says that many New York influencers have been asking for low-maintenance, wispy bangs. To get a smooth but lived-in style, Cranford says that she shapes the style with a blowdryer before letting the hair air dry for texture. She uses the same side-to-side blow-drying technique as Capri, but stops when the bangs are 80% dry.
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For curls or fine hair, Cranford advises against heat styling, which can flatten the shape. Instead, she recommends getting friendly with a good dry shampoo to add texture and prevent lifeless, oily strands. "When they start to get the teeniest bit heavy or greasy, you can spritz with a dry shampoo for a refresh — I love Apothecare Essentials Booster Dry Shampoo," she says.
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Sturdivant-Drew says it's important to always cut curly bangs when the hair is dry so you can see how they'll fall when the curls are fully formed.
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Micro bangs are a great way to open up your face and show off your cheekbones — and you'll see the best results from adding a few face-framing layers for extra definition.
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Here, L.A.-based hairstylist Sal Salcedo shows how baby bangs can be styled on shorter hair. The choppy cut looks effortless, and because the texture melds with the rest of the hair, the bangs look natural rather than severe.
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You can use baby bangs to add texture and softness to an edgy razor cut, like Salcedo did here.
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Hairstylist Cherin Choi paired super-short bangs and loose waves with Hollywood's favorite angular sci-fi bob.

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