The Hottest Halloween Costume For Baby Influencers Is The Avocado

The defining style season for the American baby is almost certainly Halloween. This is the time when those enviably chubby cheeks and on-trend gamine hairstyles are complimented by all manner of fanciful dress. While Chanel is showing tiny silk shorts, coat dresses and witty tweed textures in its current ready to wear season, Carters, of the House Oshkosh B'gosh, has upped the ante with unexpected twists on fleece, padding, and whimsical stripes. The most popular silhouette for Halloween: The Avocado.
The collection, out now, is made up of 12 pieces, and features standbys like the panda - truly the little black dress of baby's Halloween ensembles – to the more au currant Little Llama. But as Ana, consumer affairs liaison for Carters, told Refinery29, it is the avocado that has captured popular imagination. "A lot of the moms and dads call about the avocado. The pineapple is a big seller as well."
Produce is so hot right now!
Lee, a Philadelphia mom, worries that her one-year-old son feels a bit exposed in his avocado garb. "The avocado is so close to his essence," she says. "I think the discomfort he expresses to me is not a physical discomfort but an emotional one. He's like, ma, why do all these people need to know how much I love avocado? He's a very edible looking child though, so it makes sense." But what is fashion without danger, anyway?
At a recent fitting, this writer's own baby reclined on a large queen bed as assistants fitted her into the avocado. She preferred the hood up, but giggled with abandon when it was pulled down. She rested her hands on the warm brown pit at the belly, the very essence of guacomole chic.
Baby influencers everywhere: take note.

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