Watch: Azealia Banks Says Lick Your Teeth (And Pack On The Glitter)

As far as party dressing goes, Azealia Banks is kind of a goddess. A bad-ass goddess that always knows just what to wear to push the limit without going Gaga-overload. So, we're playing her styling tips on repeat and taking notes. She urges you to lick your lips before taking pics, do you hair, and get those nails done. She explains, "Not to say that it doesn't matter what you have on but someone will forgive you if your hair is nice and shiny." Indeed! But if you forget all that and run out the door without pulling it all together? Banks suggests rocking a blouse and skirt for a last-minute outfit. Well, only if your blouse and skirt is as editorially inspiring as her entire wardrobe is. Check out the video and click through for more ASOS cover stars dishing their secrets (ehem, like Charlotte Free's insanely ratty hoodie that she can't get enough of). (Fashion Telegraph)

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