How The Fairy Godmother Of Pastel Hair Stays Gorgeous

morningnoonnight_slide1Photo: Courtesy of Aura Friedman.
Routines get a bad rap. So often, we're encouraged to "shake things up" or "get out of that rut." But, for many, daily habits are necessary. So, to get some insight into their day-to-day customs, we're asking inspiring women to share theirs for our new series, Morning, Noon, & Night. We break down their days hour-by-hour to see what rituals they love. Turns out, each routine is a comfort — and can set the tone for the day or night that lies ahead.
Aura Friedman has a cult following when it comes to hair. From her post at Sally Hershberger's salon in NYC, Aura has turned many a head into a pastel artwork. Her Instagram feed is a must-follow, and her morning smoothie recipe sounds insanely mouthwatering. Read on for a taste of her daily life.
"The first thing I do every morning is have my coffee: That's a given. Beauty-wise, I'm obsessed with Eve Lom. I love all of her products, especially her moisturizer. It's amazing.
"I also make an avocado smoothie. I make it with kale, chia seeds, and almond milk. I love putting cilantro in there. I'll either add blueberries or dark cherries as my fruit. It's delicious. I try to work out every morning: I go to Crunch. I love this Pilates class on Monday mornings. It's a Power Ball Pilates class. I like to take my time in the morning and make sure I go to the gym.
"I usually shower at the gym. I use a pre-wash primer from Nexxus. It helps seal in my color, so it doesn't get damaged from the water. Water can actually strip your hair color. Then, after I get out of the shower, I do a glossing tonic. I'll bring all of this to the gym with me. It's worth it. I also go to the spa at least once a week and sit in a 200-degree Russian sauna. It's great for a detox.
"Mondays are usually my day to grocery shop. I go to the new Whole Foods in Brooklyn. I try to prepare my meals for the week on Mondays. I do a salad or a veggie sauté, and maybe roast some chicken. It's easier to cook in the beginning of the week, since I'm busy all week long. I usually get home so late.
"I usually come home and kind of collapse on the couch from exhaustion. I try to have my dinner ready to go, and then I just warm it up. Before bed, I use Eve Lom products again, as well as Restorsea eye cream and Clarins eye gel. I also like to put some oil on my face. After that, I'm done! It's bedtime. I rarely stay up very late: I'm usually in bed around 11 or 12."

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