How To Have The Best Shower Of Your Life

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Did you know that the average American shower lasts 8.2 minutes? Assuming you shower every day, that's about one hour out of your week — or 52 hours (a.k.a. more than two full days) per year. That's a lot of time to spend in a space that you find less than inspiring, wouldn't you say?

I've always been big on bathrooms, since I'm a beauty editor with approximately one hundred billion products to test at any given time. But, living in New York forces you to seriously manage expectations, with the lack of storage space, bathtubs that are peculiarly colored when you move in, potential mold that you do your best to ignore, and other such problems.

That's why, during my most recent move (which was calamitous and happened this past weekend), my roommate and I bravely decided to make our bathroom beautiful. She purchased a shower curtain emblazoned with a giant pink flamingo (her first choice was Bill Murray's face, which we both initially thought was funny, but later determined would be a tad creepy), and thus started the Great Shower Project of 2015. It's still in progress, and our teeny little oasis has yet to require a proper cleaning, so we'll see how long this actually lasts. 

Here are a few things we settled on for the greatest shower, ever. Feel free to leave your helpful hints and suggestions below — they are much appreciated.

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