This Conditioner Lets You Color Your Hair At Home In Just 15 Minutes

What coloring your hair at home is normally like: messy, time-consuming, and bound for botched results. But with oVertone Haircare's latest launch, achieving dimensional color in your shower, in 15 minutes, is possible — and it won't even damage your hair.
Available in three new shades — Ginger, Chocolate Brown, and Golden Brown — the brand's vegan, semi-permanent Coloring and Daily Conditioners deposit pigments while nourishing hair with plant-based oils. And while the formula remains cruelty-, ammonia-, and peroxide-free, these newest iterations of oVertone's runaway-hit product are meant to deliver your-color-but-better results, as wearable as your best pair of jeans.
"The shades in the Basics line are as practical as your go-to closet staples," says oVertone cofounder Liora Dudar. "You can easily incorporate them into your routine to do everything from a big color change to a subtle shift in tone, depending on your personal style. It's color you'll feel confident wearing and reach for again and again."
Suitable for all hair types, this launch makes a new hair color as easy to slip on as your most threadbare T-shirt. And you don't have to be a pro to use it, either: You simply apply it as you would a normal conditioner. Click here to learn more.

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