What We'll Be Wearing This Fashion Week: Skrapper's "Bullshit, Bullshit, Name Drop, Bullshit" Tee

We feel pangs of jealousy when some of our favorite paintings go for mind-boggling amounts at auction. While we can't afford to drop a few million on art just yet, we can invest in a simpler canvas—the t-shirt. Downtown artist and Warhol exhibition alum William Quigley has teamed up with designer Katie Theofilos to launch Skrapper, a line of t-shirts featuring Quigley's irreverent take on classic portraiture. The line is inspired by the artist's studies of iconic boxers like Muhammad Ali, but also includes edgier work; we're thinking that "Bullshit, bullshit, name drop, bullshit" charmer might come in handy during fashion week. Until we can afford our dream Rothko (we estimate it'll take us 253 years to save up enough to purchase at current market value), it'll do just fine.
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