Quiz: Are You An Adult?

There are a few things that make you realize, damn, I'm old. One might be the inability to wake up without a hangover after a night out. Another is having a fancy, grown-up kitchen accessory — you know, like a cheeseboard. Or, maybe it's just not eating ice cream and beer for dinner, for the third time this week. When it comes to New York, the distinctions between being an adolescent and being an adult are more pronounced. As you get older, FOMO gets replaced by FOGO (fear of going out), and jamming yourself into the front of concerts gives way to enjoying a beer near the back. And, dating? Psh. Ain't no one got time for getting dressed up and flirting at bars. So, are you an adult? Some markers to look for: You no longer take shots, but will enjoy a tipple or two at Booker and Dax. You make reservations a month in advance. You wear flats as often as possible, only changing into heels when you have no other option. You throw dinner parties, maybe, and never waste time with things you dislike. Still can't tell? Take this quiz below to find out if you're a fully fledged adult. Swipe right if you like what you see, left if not.