Catwoman, Darth Vader, and the Nite Owl Storm the Runway

There's always been an element of fantasy in fashion--after all, when we're talking 10,000 dollar gowns, we almost demand something supernatural about the ensemble...that, and designers need to give us goods to lust after and fantasize about. The Metropolitan Museum of Art illustrated this connection last year with their "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" exhibit, in which Dior did Wonder Woman, Mugler did Cat Woman, and McQueen channeled X-Men. And despite the ongoing recession and general spirit of doom and gloom pervading fashion week this time around, we couldn't help but spot a few fantastical superhero themes in the mix. Whether it was Darth Vader invading Rick Owens or Nite Owl at Nina Ricci, these designers really stuck out in making clothes that still fuel our wildest dreams. Below, we spot the uncanny similarities between Catwoman and Gaultier and Silk Spectre and Chalayan, and more. Hey, who ever said fashion can't save the world?
Nite Owl at Nina Ricci--Above, from left: Nina Ricci fall '09 runway look; Nite Owl from the new Watchmen movie based on DC Comics' series of the same name.
Catwoman at Jean Paul Gaultier--Above, from left: Jean Paul Gaultier fall '09 runway look; Eartha Kitt as DC Comics' Catwoman.
Darth Vader at Rick OwensAbove, from left: Rick Owens fall '09 runway look; Star Wars' Darth Vader.
Silk Spectre at Hussein ChalayanAbove, from left: Hussein Chalayan fall '09 runway look; Silk Spectre from the new Watchmen movie based on DC Comics' series of the same name.
Storm at Gareth PughAbove, from left: Gareth Pugh fall '09 runway look; Halle Berry as Storm in the X-Men movie based on Marvel Comics' series of the same name.
Space Ghost at Jean Paul GaultierAbove, from left: Jean Paul Gaultier fall '09 runway look; Hannah-Barbera's Space Ghost.
Psylocke at Yves Saint LaurentAbove, from left: Psylocke from Marvel Comics' X-Men series; Yves Saint Laurent fall '09 runway look.