Any Way You Want It: Don the Verb’s 18 Way Coat

Because things described by a number and a suffix usually aren't all they're cracked up to be, we'll start off by telling you that Don the Verb's 18 Way Coat can actually only be worn four different ways. But don't feel short changed—it's still three more alternatives than most coats, right? LES-based designers Hanna Astrom and Yanina Landsaat say the mutable garment,from Don the Verb's FW "Modern Warrior" collection, is, "completely meant for each wearer's interpretation." For the record, the 100% wool, one-size-fits-all coat, which boasts a dramatic full wrap collar, can be worn right side up with the flaps tucked in or out; upside down so that it appears yoked in the back, with the collar down or wrapped around the head; right side up with the angles connected in the back; or right side up with the arms tucked inside like a cloak and the sleeves wrapped in a bow in front. Phew—we need a cigarette.
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