The Anti-Christmas Guide: How To Have A Different Kind Of Fun In NYC

Bah humbug! Okay yes, we know that today is traditionally a pretty festive holiday, but we also understand that sometimes you just aren't in the mood to sing holiday carols and decorate sugar cookies with every single member of your extended family. As such, we've come up with five fun ways to celebrate December 25th just because it's December 25th. So, grab your favorite cousin and play hooky. From museums to restaurants to movies, we've got such an awesome anti-holiday planned, we promise she'll thank you for it.
See Les Misérables
Les Mis is finally here! We have been teased again and again, but the long-awaited, sure-to-make-us-cry (in the best way possible, of course) film opens today, and we can't wait to turn in our pre-purchased tickets.

Visit The Jewish Museum
Yearning for an artsy experience, but having trouble finding anything that's not closed for the holiday? Surprise! The Jewish Museum is open on Christmas! Devoted to sharing all things related to art and Jewish culture, it's currently presenting a number of interesting exhibitions including manuscripts from the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford, contemporary art examining the role of tables as gathering places, and a multi-media installation featuring dance, photographs, music, and wall carpets.

1109 5th Avenue (at 92nd Street), 212-423-3200.


Celebrate Merlinpeen & Festivus
Follow in the footsteps of 30 Rock's Frank, Toofer, and Lutz by celebrating Merlinpeen, the Verdukian Holiday of Mouth Pleasures. Be sure to order your sausage pizzas, display your bowl of meat cubes (don't forget the Jimmy Connors photo sticking out!) and have your teeth flossed by a blonde virgin. Walk around pronouncing "Good Merlinpeen to you" and enjoy having avoided every gift exchange in which you were ever asked to participate. Of course, if endless meats aren't your thing, it's never too late to celebrate Festivus — even if it is technically on the 23rd. Set up your Festivus pole, air your grievances, and perform those feats of strength. Ah
, how we miss you so.

Nosh At Xi'an Famous Foods
Not in the mood for turkey or honey-baked ham? Chinese food on Christmas is quite the satisfying alternative. This year, however, we're recommending you take it one step further by checking out the spicy-ness that is Xi'an Famous Foods. Try and grab a spot at the tiny counter, or call for take-out orders of cold noodles, spicy cumin lamb burgers, Chang'an Spicy Tofu, and more.

67 Bayard Street (between Mott and Elizabeth streets), 212-786-2068.

Sip On Booze At The Aspen Social Club
Tucked inside The Stay Hotel in busy Times Square, The Aspen Social Club is the ideal location for any out-of-this-city event. In successfully bringing the cozy-chic Aspen atmosphere, the resto has established itself as an experience for the eyes, ears, stomach, and soul all at once. Comfort food with a Colorado flair and artisanal cocktails? Sign us up.

157 West 47th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues), 212-221-7200.

Photos: Courtesy of Aspen Social Club, The Jewish Museum, Xi'an Famous Foods, Vogue