5 Things To Know This AM — Sep 24 2012

Anne Hathaway wins the breathtaking award of the day — marvel at the to-die-for Valentino she wore to the New York City Ballet. (Catwalk Queen)
We all love the Looney Tunes (ahh, childhood nostalgia!), and that so-cute Marcel The Shell, and now the two worlds are meeting up for a top-secret project. (Jezebel)
Make like Julia Child and get into some French cooking — for the first time ever, NYC will play host to Le Taste of France, a two-day exhibition dedicated to French cuisine. (Le Taste of France)
Fresh off the successful launch of their UES store, the team behind Otte is giving back with some advice for young designers. And, they've got some serious celeb clients who can back them up. (Racked)
It may be a little early, but we're always in the mood for sandwiches. Take a nosh from this list of NYC's best sandwiches, ever. (Eater)

Photo: Via Catwalk Queen