This Gamer Uses Competitions To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Anna-Maree Manciet (also known as @rxysurfchic) is a Texas-based gamer that’s committed to lifting up other women in the world of gaming and shattering the community’s glass ceiling. An ambassador for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and a mental health advocate, Manciet uses her platform to help others, whether that’s raising money for cancer research through charity games or being transparent about her own mental health struggles. She’s also a producer, on-screen host, and video editor for Alienware’s Twitch channel and has been regarded as one of the best female Call of Duty players in the country. 
I feel most powerful when...
I'm helping others and being able to make a difference in other people's lives through charity fundraising in gaming. Raising over $160,000 this year for St Jude Children's Research Hospital was the moment I felt like what I've done actually made a difference.
Power to me means...
Power to me means not being afraid to be vulnerable, to be transparent with the world about who you are as a person.
What do you do when you feel powerless?
Truthfully, I call my mom, my PopPop, or Grammy. My parents divorced when I was a week old and they helped shape me into the person I am today. They have helped me grow and push past some of the darker moments in my life and helped me realize that sometimes it's OK to feel powerless for a moment. The key is to allow yourself to have that moment and then figure out what your next steps are.
What's your power anthem?
This is going to be super cheesy, but it changes from time to time, depending on the moment. Currently, it's "My Shot" from Hamilton
Who is your power icon?
Kristen Bell. I've looked up to her since she was on Veronica Mars and all the way to the Good Place. I love the fact that she's funny and unapologetically herself, while at the same time she's also deeply caring about those she surrounds herself with. I hope to be half the person she is some day.
What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?
I'm a full comfort gal. Leggings (not the ones you're always trying to look cute in in public — I'm talking about the old leggings that you love and are so comfortable but at the same time are so worn out you're pretty sure you'd lose some MeowMeowBeenz if you wore them in public) and whatever hoodie fits the day.

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