Are These André Saraiva X Converse The Most Exclusive Kicks Ever?

The NYC nightlife scene is nothing if not exclusive. So, it makes sense that Le Baron's head honcho André Saraiva has teamed up with Converse for a pair of black, branded sneakers that are only for friends and family of the downtown haunt. But don't get too jealous, Saraiva's also got two other designs that you can actually buy (for $100) at local Converse stores. There's the "Love" sneaker to pay tribute to his Hôtel Amour in Paris and, adorably, the "Purple" shoe — a nod to his bff-ship with Purple Magazine's Olivier Zahm. And, you guessed it, the white canvas high-tops have interchangeable purple laces and cool purple soles. The new Louboutins? We'll see. No, the irony of a nightlife-branded Converse — inspired by venues that would likely turn you away for wearing sneakers — is not lost on us. But hey, we're willing to take our chances for these limited-edition high-tops.
Photos: Courtesy of HL Group

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