10 Alternative V-Day Plans For Everyone

I've never had super-strong feelings about V-Day. I certainly despise the stereotypical red roses and candy, but I've never understood the super-haters, either. Yes, the holiday is just another commercial day, and you ought to outwardly express your affection to your partner every day of the year. All that said, I like pink (yes, it's my hair color right now) and jump at any excuse to turn up the affection barometer on all my friends. It's a day celebrating love, and that's all kinds of love. 
Actually, it's kind of an awesome holiday — if you choose to let it be. That's why I'm suggesting 10 alternative evenings beyond the ho-hum dinner-and-movie snooze-fest. You can do them as a pair (okay, yes, I might have booked private karaoke with my best friend recently) or with all your friends (whiskey tasting as a group is a blast). Even if these activities aren't your jam, do tell someone that you love them. Especially your Grandma. 

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