Allison Michael Orenstein & Simone St. Laurent Tell Younger Selves That They Are Magic

Allison Michael Orenstein and Simone St. Laurent tell their teenage selves that they are magic.

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LoveMe is a series featuring LGBTQ thought leaders reading personal letters to their younger selves.
Allison Michael Orenstein and Simone St. Laurent are a queer married couple based in NYC. St. Laurent is a successful hair stylist. Orenstein is a portrait photographer, whose work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Esquire, BlackBook, New York magazine, Vogue, Elle, Interview, and more.
Watch as Simone asks her teenage self to give up on the self-loathing and allow personal love to grow with time. Allison tells her "little AO" that she is magic, and that everything she needs is already inside of her. Together, they express that one day same-sex marriage will be legal, shame will cease, and happiness will be found within their partnership.
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Queer Couple Reads Love Letters To Younger SelvesReleased on February 13, 2016

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