Travel To Fantasyland With Up-And-Coming Designer Alexandra Grecco

Laden with the cool je ne sai quoi of an It Girl, Alexandra Grecco is anything but just another designer. Having launched her eponymous line in 2010, the Brooklyn-based Grecco has quietly grown her label from a lilliputian Etsy shop to a line featured in Anthropologie and boutiques around the globe.
In a world filled with aggressively edgy fashion, Grecco has found her niche designing soft, feminine pieces, which would likely fill the closet of any dreamy-eyed heroine in a novel. But while her clothes seem like something from a sartorial daydream, they're — fortunately for us — based in reality. So, whether you’re dancing through wheat fields on a cross-country trek or taking a life-altering trip down the aisle, Alexandra Grecco has the designs that will make your dreams come true.
What influenced you to become a designer?
"I love to design and feel very happy when I'm able to be creative and in charge of my vision. I knew I did not want to work for a big corporation, so I decided to intern for smaller, independent brands. I worked for a couple women, who were around my age, who were working very hard, handling all the aspects of their business, and I felt inspired to do the same."
What makes you stand apart from other designers?
"I try not to focus too much on what other designers are doing. When designing a collection I try to stay as true to myself as possible, and I think if you do that then you'll always stand out in some way. Other than that, all of our pieces are made in the U.S., and the number of designers who produce locally are far too few."

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco.

What is your design background?
"My mom taught me how to sew when I was younger. I would make costumes for plays my friends and sister would perform in our yard. Years later, I went to FIT and studied design."
Any tips for budding fashion students trying to make it in the industry?
"I think interning is really important. Interning for a smaller and relatively new company can give you an intimate look at the incredible amount of work that is involved in designing a collection and running a business. If the company is based in New York, you'll probably learn how to find your way around the Garment District, too."
Where do you find your design inspiration?
"Everywhere. Vintage clothes have always been very inspirational to me, though. I mostly wore vintage growing up, because I loved the attention to detail and faded colors."
Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco.
What type of woman embodies your line?
"An explorer!"

What is your favorite season for fashion, and why?

"I like spring most. Maybe it's because of the pastel colors I like to use or because little, spaghetti-strap dresses are my favorite. I like to design things I could picture wearing to a picnic, and spring is perfect for that."

What celebrities would you love to see wearing Alexandra Grecco?
"I don't really think about this too often. I'm most excited when I see my girlfriends wearing my pieces."
Do you plan to expand into larger sizes in the future?
"I'd love to. I've offered larger sizes during preorders online, but I don't usually get orders for anything beyond sizes 10 or 12, so I get a little discouraged. But I'd love to if I get enough requests."
What future trends can we expect from your line?
"I don't focus too much on trends, so probably none unless it's by accident."
Alexandra Grecco is sold at Anthropologie and
Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco.

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