Alex Wang Dishes On Wiz Khalifa, Canal Street, Kate Moss, And His Next Party

Above from left, Wang with his sister and niece; his niece seems to enjoy that fur hammock.

We can't think of a better combination than Alexander Wang and Amex (preferably black), so last night's team up of the design star and the credit card company made for a pitch perfect party (and lots and lots of alliteration). Indeed, the American Express cardholders exclusive shopping event at Wang’s Soho flagship brought out all the ballers, who sipped on Belvedere cocktails, gawked over the gorgeously lusty Rocco and the super-covetable Kirsten satchels, and took turns getting snapped in the huge furry hammock that seems to have become the talk of the town. Debt-free guests nibbled on summer rolls, pork and prosciutto sandwiches, and ginger cookies, courtesy of Spice Market, while listening to Alex’s personal playlist that included old-school Madonna and Mariah Carey—yes!. One Amex shopper even had the designer autograph the inside pocket of the handbag she just purchased. While we didn't do that (this time at least), we did manage to grab Alex in between drinks and got a little personal, asking him about about his childhood shopping habits, his epic parties, and the music that gets him dancing. Peep our interview after the jump!

Above: Wang signs a guest's handbag.

Why do you think everyone wants to get their hands on your handbags?
“God, I don’t know! I think you need to ask people here. I am so flattered and excited that people are buying anything. I’m really touched when people I don’t know, real people, are carrying our stuff whether it’s handbags, shoes…”

Your parties are pretty epic. That carnival-themed one last year! Where do you get your ideas for them?
"I have amazing partners. We’ve been working with Rassi from Milk for the last three seasons. He’s really the big genius behind all this, and most important of all MAC. You know it’s a combination of people who want to have fun and don’t want to do the same thing as everybody else is doing. And we want people to come and have a good time and not have to think about a thing. It’s a party!”

So what’s going to happen for the next party? Do you have an idea already?
“No idea (laughs).”

Above: Behati Prinsloo gets into Wang!

We know you like dancing a lot. If you were going to go up to a DJ and request some tunes, what would they be?
“Uhmm, I’m really into Nicki [Minaj] right now, of course, who isn’t? I’m very into Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa (laughs).”

So we were wondering, would it ever be a deal breaker if someone you were dating didn’t like your designs?
“(Laughs) No, I feel like that would be a deal maker! I believe that opposites attract.”


What celebrity have you seen wearing your stuff that you flipped when you saw?
“Kate Moss. I get really, really flattered. Especially because she has everything thrown at her at for free.”

Let’s talk about NY. You’ve mentioned that you sometimes get inspiration from subway—what’s your favorite subway stop?
“I have to say, probably Canal Street. It’s the closest to our office and it’s the junction of Chinatown and everyone has to pass through it, so it’s a pretty unique dynamic.”

And where do you go dancing?
“My house.”

So you throw a lot of house parties?
“I just moved so yes.”

We think it’s great that you work with your family, but what is the hardest part about working with them?
“That they’re your family. And you can say anything you want to them, or the feeling that you can say anything you want to them. (He points to the most adorable baby swinging in the hammock donning the Gold Feline Sunglasses) That’s my niece.”

When you first had your credit card what was the first thing you bought? Did you go all out and splurge?

“I think I did. I was one of those kids that split a purchase on four credit cards so my parent wouldn’t know. I would like charge $20 on here, another $30 on here, $10 here…”

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