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5 Affordable Hairdryers That Stack Up To The $300 Models

Spend a little time browsing online for blowdryers, and you'll quickly realize that the market is dominated by opposing sides of the spectrum: a lot of options under $20, and even more upward of several hundred dollars.

So, what happens if you want something that will deliver professional results, but don't exactly have a small fortune to throw around? Luckily, there are a handful of options that fall into the middle, or what we like to call, the hairdryer sweet spot. This magical place is where the price is manageable (read: under $100!), and the technology is on par with models retailing for a couple hundred bucks. Trust us, this category does exist, it's just a lot smaller.
But first, resist the urge to skip right to our picks. Strategize what you really need in a dryer, and none of the things you don't. That is: multiple heat settings, a cool shot button to set your style, and around 1875 watts to ensure you have the power to dry your hair quickly.
A dryer that will last tends to have a filter that is easily cleaned, and attachments that can be removed and swapped out. This also gives you the flexibility you need for multiple looks and options later (like concentrator nozzles and diffusers of varied sizes). Ions, which are negatively charged air molecules to speed up dry time while limiting frizz, and ceramic components, which help to distribute heat more evenly, are a bonus. And while we hate to be dryer elitists, it is a machine, just like a car or TV, so it's wise to go with a brand with a history of dependability.
Checking off all these boxes will result in a workhorse dryer that will last for years to come. Ahead, we've selected the top dryers that prove you can score an amazing hairdrying machine without getting into triple digits.