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We don't necessarily think that scars should always be covered up — they're what make us unique, after all. However, as perfectionists, we also feel the need to have the most flawless skin possible. So, when one of you asked how exactly to go about concealing a scar, we went to the experts for help.
According to Make Up For Ever pro and media educator Jessie Powers, once your skin is healed, you can use any makeup on a scar that you would normally use on your face. Just be sure to patch-test first if you're worried. When you're prepping your face to put makeup on, Powers says, "First make sure the scar is free of oil. Don't put moisturizer on it." Then, apply your concealer. (We like Dermablend's Quick-Fix Concealer for this purpose.) If you apply more than one layer of concealer, Powers suggests using a powder in between the layers, such as Make Up For Ever's Super Matte Loose Powder.
As for what technique to use, Powers gave us an awesome tip. "Apply your concealer in a target shape," she says. "Put most of the product on the scar itself as if it were the center of the target. Then, blend additional product around the scar, gradually using less product as you move away from the center point." Powers uses both a brush and a sponge to do the blending, using a stippling motion to press the products into the skin. "The brush helps me apply product without removing it with my fingertips, and the sponge helps me blend and lock the concealer in place."
To set it, Powers recommends using a powder and a puff. She says, "Pushing the powder into the concealer locks everything in place on the skin. And, at the very end of the covering process, you could also use a makeup setting spray to add one last layer of insurance."
Once it's all set, if you feel that you've accidentally made the scar more noticeable with makeup, double check to make sure that the concealer is well-blended into the surrounding skin. "Always plan on covering an area much larger than the actual scar so that you can create a uniform-looking texture and finish over the scar and surrounding skin," Powers advises. She also suggests adding a light coverage foundation over the full area to create a more realistic-looking blend.
Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Makeup, $40, available at Sephora; Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer, $25, available at Dermablend.

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