Abs At Galliano, Undies On Venus, and H&M's Not-So-Organic Snafu

Raquel Zimmermann goes on the most out-of-the-way walk of shame in W Magazine. (Fashion Copious)
So remember that hubbub about how Venus Williams might have been going commando during her Australian Open match? Well, she was wearing undies, you pervs. (NYDaily)
Jazzi McG makes herself a pom-pom-ed Diane Von Furstenburg topper for only $8. (JazziMcG)
Sadface. H&M's organic line is only a little bit organic. (Ecouterre)
Acne furniture, unvealed! It is white! And modern! And plain! Who's surprised!? (Grazia)
The abs at John Galliano are so ridiculous, we're almost thinking that Galliano-branded Abs In A Box might be a good idea. (The Daily)

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