Indecisive Foodie? This New Site Is Like A Pandora For Recipes!

These days, who's got time to spend hours leafing through The Joy of Cooking in search of the perfect recipe? The unemployed, that's who. For the gainfully busy, cooking can be a creative outlet and a stress reliever. If you're the sort who insists upon whipping up a homemade pizza full of subtle, complex flavors instead of just calling up Domino's again, then there's a new site in Internet town that's perfect for you. Whether you're planning for two or holding an impromptu dinner party, Gojee will make any meal oh-so-choice without the trouble of choosing! Like Pandora for music or Jewelmint for beads and bangles, Gojee, the brainchild of NYC-based entrepreneur Mike Lavelle, creates a personalized menu for you and only you. Tell it what you love, what you hate, or just what's in your fridge, and the site will provide hand-picked recipe ideas (also, bad puns: while loading it asks, "almond joying myself, are you?"). For example, remember the time you bought three new things of yogurt only to discover three more unopened ones hidden under a pile of leftovers? Gojee suggests Kefta-style meatballs with grilled grapes and yogurt sauce. We know you're smart, but you would NEVER have thought of that. What are you waiting for? Sign up, log in and get cookin' already! Oh, and if you're living in NYC, Gojee links to D'Agostino's reward card. We suggest shopping with some food already in your belly.

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