Why The A-Line Bob Is The Ideal Post-Quarantine Haircut

Photo: Camilla Morandi/Corbis via Getty Images.
A bob haircut seems simple enough at first glance, when you're struck with inspiration while scrolling through Instagram and plotting your post-quarantine haircut. The complexities come when considering what type of bob you want.
When you can't put your finger on one particular style (something fresh, but not choppy, with texture, but not too many layers, and definitely no bangs), you, Goldilocks, are in the market for a simple beginner's bob. And that cut — versatile, soft and polished, workable on a towel-dry maintenance plan — is the A-line bob.
Los Angeles hairstylist Sal Salcedo calls this style the "It girl" bob because it's so universal. "It's an effortless and airy bob for the girl that wants that easy texture," he explains of the style, which falls in an A-line slant, just slightly longer at the front and shorter towards the back. "The haircut has a lot of internal movement, which makes the style fall with ease."
Ahead, check out 18 ways to execute 2020's most wearable bob haircut, styled by celebrities and Instagram cool girls alike. Scroll through to find your perfect A-line cut — sure to become another Instagram scroller's inspiration when hair salons reopen.

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