A Cool Way To Wear Colorful Eye Makeup: The Layered-Liner Look

Candy-colored eye makeup may have a lock on summer, but a wave of new eyeliners—like NARS' new Larger Than Life and L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator—recently kick-started our desire to transition to fall's deeper palette. So, if you're ready to swap out your hot hues for something a little cooler, don't toss your super-powered shades. Instead, tone down their intensity with a little layer love. By layering a bright, colorful, shimmering shade over a smudged out black line, you get an incredibly flattering look with hint of color that still makes a statement. We snagged celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman for a quick and easy tutorial:
"Layering liners is a great way to soften and add pop. Try colors like azure (it's a bold, yet tasteful blue that looks gorgeous over black liner), bronze, or a burgundy. Plum is gorgeous, but why not try burgundy? Alone it may make the eye look a little too feverish, but a black smudged liner grounds the shade to an oh-so-modern hue."
1. "Take a soft black pencil and line just the top lash-line from the inner-eye to outer corner (or line the entire eye very close to lash-line, for a more intense look), and smudge. You really want a blended line. It will help make the blending of the shimmery-colored shadow step go faster and much easier."
2. "I tend to go for pot shimmer shadows to add depth, but a pencil liner will have the same effect—just make sure it's a creamy, shimmery liner. Using a moistened, small, tight brush or a pencil, dot and dash your color over the black smudged line. Next, feather and smudge the colored shadow or pencil up and over the already-smudged black liner. If you're doing a smoky eye, be sure to go easy underneath." 
NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Abbey Road and Via Appia, $15, available at NARS; L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Illuminating Eyeliner in Black Crystal and Black Quartz, $8.95, available at Ulta.

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