A Collaboration That's Even Better Than Batman And Robin

Forgive us while we channel our inner gotham super hero, but it's all due to the latest collaboration from two of the UK's coolest brands. Tatty Devine has teamed with the the company who runs the gamut on bold, graphic prints, Eley Kishimoto. Lifting images straight from their fabrics, including batches of hearts, shooting stars, and our favorite nocturnal creature, Tatty has recreated wearable 3-dimensional pieces of print. With a mix of materials such as glitter and a touch of Swarovski crystals, these 'print meets perspex' accessories may not be everyday wear, but we're thinking of making some room for a little whimsy jewelry in our life. You can purchase your own "na na na na na na na na Batman!"(we couldn't help ourselves) and other awesome pieces straight from their website.

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