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British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to start launching airstrikes against ISIS. (Huffington Post)
Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer revealed that a fan survived the Bataclan attack by hiding under a leather jacket. (Gawker)
Iranian refugees sewed their mouths shut in protest of tightening border restrictions. (The Guardian)
The San Diego Zoo’s northern white rhino was euthanized, leaving only three on the entire planet. (BBC)
A new study shows that only 19% of Americans trust the government. (Time)
Al Roker filed a complaint after he says he was passed by an NYC taxi, that then picked up a white man. (Read More)
Angelina Jolie says she "loves being in menopause." (Read More)
Kevin Federline tried to slam Beyoncé with claims that she uses Botox. (Read More)

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