8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Nov 24 2015

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British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to start launching airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

In a speech delivered alongside French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to pursue Royal Air Force airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. While it is unclear whether the British parliament will back the plan, Cameron has already demonstrated a commitment to Holland’s anti-terrorism efforts, allowing France use of a RAF airbase in Cyprus. (Huffington Post)
Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer revealed that a fan survived the Bataclan attack by hiding under a leather jacket.

In a soon-to-be released exclusive interview with Vice, Jesse Hughes and Joshua Homme of Eagles of Death Metal finally discuss the horrific attack that interrupted their show at Paris’ Bataclan and resulted in the death of 89 people. Hughes revealed that the violence spread to the group’s dressing room, with the gunmen killing everyone who hid there except for a kid, who found refuge under Hughes’ leather jacket. (Gawker)
Iranian refugees sewed their mouths shut in protest of tightening restrictions at the Greek-Macedonian border.

In a symbolic stand against Macedonia’s new policy that only permits “war-zone refugees” to travel through the country, seven Iranians sewed their mouths as they sat, trapped, in the Greek border village of Idomeni. “I cannot go back,” said one of the protestors. “I will be hanged.” (The Guardian)
The San Diego Zoo’s northern white rhino was euthanized, leaving only three on the entire planet.

The San Diego Zoo was forced to euthanize its only northern white rhino, Nola, after her health deteriorated rapidly following a bacterial infection. With Nola gone, there are only three known northern white rhinos in the world. They all reside in Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy and are too old for traditional reproduction. (BBC)
A new study shows that only 19% of Americans trust the government.

The Pew Research Center’s newest report shows that the American public’s trust of the government has slipped drastically, reaching an all-time low. About 74% of Americans believe that politicians prioritize their own interests ahead of those of the country, with many saying that elected officials are more selfish, and less honest than business leaders. (Time)
Al Roker filed a complaint after he says he was passed by an NYC taxi, that then picked up a white man.

show host Al Roker just filed an official complaint with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. Roker says he was passed by a New York City taxi, that then picked up a white man. The 61-year-old TV personality tweeted about the incident on Saturday, saying it was, "something that happens to folks of color everyday." (Read More)
Angelina Jolie says she "loves being in menopause."

Under most circumstances, women aren't so thrilled about going through menopause — especially earlier than expected. But Angelina Jolie is having something of a unique experience with the change of life phase. In fact, the By the Sea director and star recently told The Sydney Telegraph that she's enjoying it. (Read More)
Kevin Federline tried to slam Beyoncé with claims that she uses Botox and has a “sawface.”

Kevin Federline, famous for nothing other than ruining Britney Spears, has made it onto the Beyhive’s most wanted list, after he made some unflattering comments about Queen Bey’s looks. In response to a photoset of Beyoncé watching the Cotto-Alvarez boxing match, Federline tweeted that the singer “looked botoxed.” (Read More)

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