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Paul Ryan was elected the 54th Speaker of the House, surprising no one. (Refinery29)
France calls Jeb Bush’s debate jab about its workweek “bombastic nonsense,” which is French for “shots fired.” (Time)
Lyft is offering free zombie deliveries in New York City and San Francisco this Halloween Eve. (Entertainment Weekly)
China has overturned its one-child policy after three decades. (Refinery29)
U.N. scientists found a record-sized hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica, but claim it’s “no reason for undue alarm." (The Guardian)
A plane caught fire on the tarmac of a Florida airport, injuring 14 people. (Refinery29)
Mexico deployed its navy to combat a smelly seaweed invasion. We’ve never identified with a country more. (Washington Post)
Taylor Swift filed a countersuit against the radio DJ who allegedly groped her. Swift has promised to donate any monetary damages. (Refinery29)

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