8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jun 06 2015

Prepare to be outraged. Just weeks after their 25-year sentence, eight of the 10 men convicted of shooting education activist Malala Yousafzai were acquitted and secretly released to avoid public outcry. (The Daily Mirror)
British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author Stephen Hawking shared his thoughts on assisted suicide, saying, "To keep someone alive against their wishes is the ultimate indignity." (People)
The U.S. economy added 280,000 jobs in May, while the unemployment rate rose to 5.5% following an uptick in people resuming their job searches. (The New York Times)
Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors might be an all-star basketball player, but his 2-year-old daughter, Riley, always steals the spotlight — this time, it was with their pre-game chest bump. (Us Weekly)
Ladies, start your engines. A federal advisory committee recommended FDA approval of "viagra for women." (The New York Times)
Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols, a civil rights pioneer, suffered a mild stroke. (CNN)
Tom Hanks really knows how to scare the daylights out of you in the trailer for Steven Spielberg's Cold War thriller, Bridge of Spies. (Entertainment Weekly)
She's beauty and she's grace. The Miss USA Pageant wants Caitlyn Jenner as a judge. (Cosmopolitan)

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