8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Feb 08 2015

Rosamund Pike's baby made his debut on Rob Lowe's Instagram (celebs have random airport run-ins too!). This is her second son with partner Robie Uniacke. Also, Rob Lowe, please share your skin care secrets.

Having a baby versus getting a tattoo, explained in simple graphics, by your mother. “You’re excited about it right now, but how are you going to feel about it in 15 years?”

America's maternity leave policies hurt working women, and all of us. This eye-opening New Republic article paints a pretty brutal picture of what it's like to be pregnant at work.

The inventor of Monopoly (originally called "The Landlord's Game") was a woman named Lizzie Magie, but had the game and patent stolen from her by the man credited with creating the game, according to this New Republic article.

The Walking Dead is back Sunday night, and star Andrew Lincoln tells Entertainment Weekly that the second half of the season is "f**king nuts."

Stupid and evil Florida bill
would make any trans* person who enters a “single-sex public facility” (public bathroom) that doesn’t match their “biological sex” guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor. 

Sam Smith might be planning to creepy creep on Rihanna at the Grammys. Watch your back girl!

Reese Witherspoon is an angel. A sassy, partying-at-Kensington-Palace-before-the-BAFTAs-angel.


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