8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jan 22 2015

GQ UK has dubbed Kendall Jenner the No. 1 coolest woman (in the world, we're guessing). We wonder what Cara Delevingne has to say about this.
An inside source says that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are having a girl, and her nursery is jungle-themed.
Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have hammered out the details of their Super Bowl bet. It doesn't actually matter which team wins, because one of them will be cheering up sick children in the hospital dressed as either Tom Brady or Captain America, respectively.
Is menstruation the last great sporting taboo for female athletes?
Anna Wintour is reportedly wooing Amal Clooney for the cover of Vogue.
The 2015 Sundance Film Festival starts today, and here's a thorough rundown of all the films being shown.
Tumblr launched a new tool called Fandometrics, which reports on the most popular fandoms and other trending topics in a way similar to Billboard's iconic music charts.
Here's how director Alejandro Iñárritu got that shot of Michael Keaton sprinting through Times Square in his underwear in Birdman.
Photo: BEImages/Gregory Pace.

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