8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jan 01 2015

HAPPY 2015! What's that? Stop yelling? We feel you. Curl up with our hangover movie guide, and start those resolutions tomorrow.
Did Kendall Jenner Photoshop this bikini selfie?
Blonde Rachel Maddow! Chris Evans' indecipherable quote! Celebrities' high school yearbooks contain some rare, wonderful gems.
Start the new year informed about the stories that will continue to dominate headlines in 2015.
HarperCollins has been accused of selling atlases that omit Israel to schools in the Middle East. The publisher initially stood by its decision, saying the omission incorporates "local preferences." However, the books have now been taken off shelves, and the remaining ones will be pulped.
A former senator and one-time presidential candidate from Alaska has taken the reins at KUSH, a business endeavor that develops innovative marijuana products.
Anonymous groups from 4chan and 8chan are allegedly planting false suicide stories on Tumblr, targeting specific users to pressure them to do the same.
Finally, here's a hilarious read to usher in the new year. Now, go back to bed.

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