Nail Trend To Try: The Flipped Mani

It's official: We've entered a new era of nail art. For the most part (at least outside of Instagram), gone are the days of the super elaborate mani; dangling charms, 3-D kittens, and miniature landscapes have been replaced instead by less in-your-face designs. This is a more refined, subtle way to decorate your digits — one that grabs attention not by shouting, but by captivating with its subtlety. Incognito nail art, if you will.
One of our favorite iterations of this new wave of nails is the Flipped Mani. First brought to the mainstream with Adele's now-infamous Louboutin look, this stealth mani features a two-color nail — one hue on the front, and a corresponding or contrasting hue on the back underside of the nail. The result is a manicure that looks deceptively simple, but will have people grabbing your hands mid-conversation to more closely examine your sneaky duo-tone.
Intrigued? Watch the video to get the full scoop on how to get this look at home.

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