Rachel Comey's Fall 2010 Show Conjures An Ice Storm Of '70s Sirens And Spacey Beats

If at first NYC band Hex Message's repetitive, nearly hypnotic percussion seemed odd as a score for Rachel Comey's fall 2010 show yesterday, by the final look, it probably made perfect sense. In fact, the steady sounds that echoed throughout the space seemed to invisibly connect one eclectic-elegant look to the next...and that's always Comey's point. While each pair of '70s-perfect trousers and little velvet dresses was perfect on its own, each look created anticipation for the one that followed, forming a rich, layered story she's always so good at telling. This time, a copper twin-set and the most insane chartreuse-green high-waisted pants were reminiscent of a dark and discontent Sigourney Weaver in "The Ice Storm," while other pieces like big bright knits and shimmery jacquard separates evoked a more playful quality. And as far as the shoes go, a Comey signature, they were on a whole new level. Those aubergine cut-out pumps...they will be ours.

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